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INFRAGAS®, through an intensive research activity, promotes since 1971 to the development and diffusion of catalytic technology applied to thermal systems.


INFRAGAS®, through an intensive research activity, promotes since 1971 the development and diffusion of infrared catalytic technology applied to thermal systems.

Catalytic infrared heaters and gas infrared burners are manufactured and 100% tested in accordance with the International Quality Standard ISO 9001.

Infragas® plant includes a modern Laboratory for designing and testing prototypes and final products.

Infragas® is also equipped with a Test Centre, a complete line with a spray-booth for powder painting, a spray-booth for liquid coating, a catalytic oven and an area equipped with RHT, Radiant High Temperature heaters, in order to provide for practical demonstrations with Infragas® IR gas heaters.

DEVELOPMENT, SAFETY, TECHNICAL SUPPORT and CUSTOMER SERVICE are the basics of our professional mission.

Why Infragas®


Infrared radiation heats directly the exposed products without energy dispersion. Quick treatments by using Natural Gas or Propane.


Infragas® radiant infrared emitters combine high technology with low operating costs, high speed processes and compact ovens.


Homogeneous finishing, high endurance, drying uniformity and no colour contamination.

Our Mission

Our experience enables to propose focused solutions to satisfy different needs, from small companies systems to complex projects for multinational organizations.


The constant research for new products and new solutions.


The will of being partners of innovation for customers is for Infragas® the key to reach this mission.


Oriented to the continuous growth through the markets consolidation.


Solving application problems with custom-engineered products.

Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is for Infragas® the primary goal and impulse to improvement.

Environment respect

Infragas® catalytic systems release water vapour and carbon dioxide during flameless combustion, they do not produce CO (carbon monoxide) and NOx (nitrogen oxides). Moreover, they abate VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) with consequent reduction of toxic emissions at global level.

Our Certifications

Safety and Quality are very important factors that involve all Infragas® activities. The development of a new product follows the International Quality Standard ISO 9001 procedures, from first design phases to final industrialization.

The Infragas® quality system has also been approved in conformity with the requirements of the European Directive 2014/34/UE, commonly known as ATEX Directive, specific for production of equipments usable in potentially explosive atmospheres. ATEX SYSTEM CERTIFICATION grants extremely precise controls of process and product.



CE marking, in accordance with ATEX Directive 2014/34/UE, for catalytic industrial heaters explosion proof, both INFRACAT® and powered BOOSTERCAT, Group II, Category 2, zone1.


(Factory Mutual Approvals) Industrial Catalytic Heaters for USA. Product for High Temperatures (HT) and potentially explosive areas (HA): Class I, Division 2, Group D.


(EurAsian Certification) infrared catalytic heaters, both INFRACAT® and powered BOOSTERCAT®, certified for the five countries of the Eurasian Economic Union (former Customs Union): Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia and Kirghistan.


infrared catalytic heaters for Ukraine, both INFRACAT® and powered BOOSTERCAT®.

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