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IPCM International Powder Coating Magazine

“THE INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION WITH THE CATALYTIC TECHNOLOGY – La rivoluzione industriale con la tecnologia catalitica”


Surface thermal treatments Aft er pre-treatment and coati ng, both with liquid paint and powder coati ng, the subsequent process is the paint polymerizati on, a phase apparently less criti cal than the previous ones, but fundamental not only for the fi nishing of the treated component, but also for the ti me, space and energy involved. By means of the catalyti c technology of Infragas®‘ infrared panels the paint polymerizati on takes a very short ti me: in case of liquid paint, plants equipped with infrared catalyti c gas heaters treat in 25 minutes chassis for excavators weighing 1,2 tons and the process of polymerizati on is completed with a temperature of 115°C on the item. In case of powder coati ng the complete gelling and subsequent polymerizati on occurs, for example, in 6 minutes on tanks in the automoti ve sector. Generally, the treatment ti me that can be obtained with the IR catalyti c technology corresponds to less than the half of the necessary ti me in the processes with hot-air traditi onal systems. Anyway, the ti me reducti on is not the only positi ve aspect.

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